August 6

Flo-Jo’s Mother Sues her Son-in-Law for Daughter’s Death

The courts have reported that the husband of Olympic champion, Al Joyner, did not take “reasonable care” of her and that is what the suit is based on.

The mother of Olympic sprint champion Florence Griffith Joyner was an Olympic sprint champ.  When she passed away her mother actually filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her son-in-law.  The mother reported that this is just part of a dispute that is taking place in the family.  It is related to the legacy that her daughter left behind when she died.

B59ytbcIQAEgUYKThe complaint that was filed was four pages long.  It makes allegations that the son-in-law did not “exercise reasonable care to avoid foreseeable risk of harm” when it came to the death of his wife.  It also makes the allegation that “harmful or offensive touching” is what actually caused her to die.  These are just a few of the allegations that were made.

The Orange County coroner completed a report shortly after the athlete died.  The report actually concluded that the 38 year old runner died because she suffocated in her sleep after she had an epileptic seizure.  The autopsy did not report any foul play and did not find any circumstances that were thought to be suspicious.  These major points were stressed by those that completed the autopsy.

image (3)Asst. Sheriff George Jaramillo stated “We’re standing by our autopsy”. It was not possible to contact the defendant for any comments.  The plaintiff of this case is 69 years old.  She did not want to speak about this lawsuit but she did say that all of this started when her son-in-law made the decision to begin a foundation in honor of his wife.

Joyner’s mother-in-law, Griffith, has reported that the foundation that he is trying to start is getting in the way of the charity group, the Florence Griffith Joyner Youth Foundation, that she supports.  It is almost as if they are competing with each other.

Griffith has also reported that her son-in-law actually tried to evict her from where she lives.  She stated that Joyner actually does own the home but her daughter had given her permission to live there.  She says that things between her and her son-in-law seemed to get bad quickly when her daughter died.

Griffith was asked if she thought that her son-in-law caused the death of her daughter.  She took some time before she said “In a lot of ways.”  She was not willing to say anything else.

MasterGriffith stated that her daughter died 10 years after she had won the 100 meter gold medal.  She actually won three of them and the first one was at the 1988 Olympics.   She went on to win the 200 meters.  As if that is not enough, she was a part of the team that won the 400 meter relay.  She was second in the 1,600 meter relay.

When Joyner’s wife died he created the Flo-Jo Memorial Community Empowerment Foundation.  He launched a lot of other ventures in her memory as well.  He has stated that he would like to open a museum in her name in Southern California where her writing, art and even clothing designs can be displayed.



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