January 4

The Looming Battle Over CFPB Authority

The Looming Battle Over CFPB Authority

Article X associated with Act created the customer Financial Protection Bureau with plenary supervisory, enforcement and rulemaking authority with regards to payday lenders. The Act doesn’t differentiate between tribal and lenders that are non-tribal. TLEs, which can make loans to customers, autumn squarely inside the concept of “covered people” beneath the Act. Tribes aren’t expressly exempted through the provisions for the Act if they perform consumer-lending functions.

The CFPB has asserted publicly it has authority to modify tribal lending that is payday.

Nonetheless, TLEs will undoubtedly argue they should not fall in the ambit for the Act. Specifically, TLEs will argue, inter alia, that because Congress would not expressly add tribes inside the concept of “covered individual,” tribes should really be excluded (perhaps because their sovereignty should enable the tribes alone to ascertain whether as well as on exactly just what terms tribes and their “arms” may provide to other people). Continue reading

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