November 23

The Impact of Quality Score on Ad Position

The Impact of Quality Score on Ad Position

Advertisers are vying when it comes to coveted top spot on the initial web web page of search engine results. Just exactly exactly How your ads rank in comparison to those contending for similar key words, and also your price per simply simply click, is based on your ad’s quality rating. Google scores advertisers from a single to 10, with 10 being 100%. As you can plainly see in the dining table below, the greater your quality rating, the greater your advertisement ranks, as well as the reduce your cost per simply click.

Exactly Just Just How Bing Uses Quality Rating to Determine Ad Ranking:

“The biggest factor that influences CPCs is relevancy. If the advertisement you might be serving and also the splash page you may be linking to are most relevant to an user’s search, Bing will reward you with a top advertising ranking and reduced CPCs. ”

– Brett Stevens, Director of Paid Re Re Search, Lendio


Keywords tell Bing which search queries you need your advertisements showing for. You can find three primary things to consider whenever choosing key words: their size or specificity (aka long- vs short-tail), keyword match types, and keywords that are negative. All these will create differing CPCs. If you’re maybe not certain the best place to begin researching key words, there is a Bing AdWords expert on Fiverr for less than $5 to execute your niche research for your needs. Continue reading

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